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Athena Hera was a foreign exchange student from Greece that came to study Greek mythology at Big City University (BCU). Athena, wanting to get the most out of the college experience, decided to join the Avalon Beyla Ceres (ABC) Sorority. During ABC’s first gathering of the semester, Athena had too much to drink so her friend Artermis asked her if he could use her car to go for a beer run wherein she said “Yeah, you can take my car…”. Right before getting into Athena’s car, Artemis decided to tell his friend Bruno to drive. On the way to the liquor store, Bruno caused a three (3) car accident where it was determined by the police that he was highly intoxicated at the time.

We get a lot of cases at the office where we hear “Yeah, you can take my car…”

We are here to help you answer all the questions that come up after this statement has been made.

Attorney Edgar J. Guzman

Guzman Legal, P.A.

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