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I’m renting a car, do I need to purchase the extra insurance they offer at the counter?

We hear this questions a lot. In fact, we are writing this post because we just heard it again this morning from a caller.

The first thing you should do is to check your current personal car insurance policy to see if it covers rental cars. Even if it does cover rental cars, please be mindful of the amount of coverage it offers because you may want to purchase a higher liability and collision coverage than what your personal policy has (or you possibly may not even have it so in this case you should buy the extra rental car insurance offered at the counter).

At the rental car counter the agent will ask you if you want to buy extra car insurance. If you say “yes” they will then ask you to select what you want to purchase. Here you will see the following:

1. Liability Coverage: This pays for damages you cause to another person (medical bills, bodily injury, etc…) if you are at fault for causing the accident.

2. Comprehensive Coverage: This pays to fix your rental car if it's damaged (wind, fire, theft, natural disasters, etc….).

3. Collision Coverage: This pays to repair your car if it’s damaged when you hit another car or anything else that can damage it.

This is a long subject matter that we can talk about forever but also remember that you will be asked if there will be any other additional drivers. Make sure to list others if you are not going to be the only driver. We had a case once where the at fault driver in a rental car was not a listed driver on the rental policy. Thank goodness that our client had Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage on their personal policy.

Like we said, we can talk about this subject matter for a long time.

Please call us if you have any questions…preferably before you rent a car.

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