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Joe Client (JC) lost his job. At home, JC’s wife does not make enough money at her job to pay the bills plus provide for their three minor children. JC began doing odd jobs during the day and at night he started to use the family car to deliver food for a company. One night while working, JC was involved in a high impact car accident when the at fault driver fell asleep at the wheel. JC’s car was a $25,000.00 total loss. JC still owed the bank $28,000.00 for the car loan. JC hired an attorney to represent him. JC’s attorney later called to provide the bad news that the at fault driver was driving around with a cancelled auto insurance policy. Things got even worse when JC’s attorney informed him that his own auto insurance company had also cancelled his policy because he never told them that he was using the family car for work purposes. JC now faces the following: 1) Car Loan: pay out of his own pocket the $28,000.00 that he still owes to the bank for the car loan; 2) Medical Bills: pay $17,500.00 for hospital and pain management medical bills; 3) Marital Conflict: the growing economic stress of rising inflation, increased interest rates, plus all the bills that he must now pay resulted in his wife moving out of the home with the three children; and 4) Stress: JC was an upset client whose mental health suffered because of all the stress that he placed on himself for making such a bad decision of not listening to the advice his attorney gave him from the start.

We are here to help you avoid situations like this.

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