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Lance Tosser was a mischievous sixth grader that spent most the school day in the principal’s office. One day during lunch hour, Lance rolled up two slices of bread and then dipped it in water to make a perfect hard dough ball that he then tossed at a car that was driving by with the windows down. The dough ball hit the driver in the head thereby causing him to crash into a concrete mailbox.

Can the State Attorney’s office prosecute Lance? Does this change anything since he is a minor?

Can the injured driver bring a personal injury case against Lance? How about the school since the incident took place during school hours?

Will Mr. and Mrs. Tosser’s insurance policy provide coverage for the civil damages that Lance caused the driver?

Do you have a legal question? We are here to help you.

Edgar J. Guzman, Esq.

Attorney Abogado

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