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C-19 Update

Guzman Legal wishes you good health and economic safety as we all continue to equally struggle through the global uncertainties that Covid-19 presents.

Please know social responsibility is something that we take very serious as we continue to closely monitor the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) in order to protect the health and well-being of our families, members of our office, clients, and community.

In the past several days, we have received countless calls and emails from concerned people that ask about all the ongoing changes that they keep hearing about (temporary closing of the courts, evictions, pending open cases, family members that have been arrested that are currently sitting in jail, etc…).

Even though the new norm presents many uncertainties, we assure you that one thing does remain certain, our commitment to you and all of our clients will never be compromised by this virus. As previously stated, we are fortunate to have the technology and resources in place to represent you whenever and from where ever so please know that we are standing right next to you at all times.

The best way to reach us is by either Telephone: (813) 933-1234, Email:, or at the office.

Stay safe.

Many blessings to you and your family always,

Edgar J. Guzman, Attorney Abogado

Guzman Legal, P.A.

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