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According to the Insurance Research Council (IRC), one in eight drivers in the United States was “Un-Insured” in 2018. In fact, the IRC shows that 26.7% of drivers in Florida are Un-Insured.

It also important to note, that even though drivers may purchase insurance, most of them are “Under-Insured” (meaning that they do not have enough insurance to cover their own damages or the damages that they may cause others).

What does this mean to you?

If you are involved in a car accident caused by a person that is either “Un-Insured” or “Under-Insured” you will then be stuck having to pay for bills (medical, car, etc…) that the other driver’s insurance will simply not cover.

This is a very common scenario that we often come across in our law practice.

If you have any questions please ask. We are here to help you.

Attorney Edgar J. Guzman


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