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Bill Riley was heading home from work one evening, taking his usual route, when he heard a sudden crash occur behind him. Being the Good Samaritan that he is, Bill stopped and noticed that Cyclist Joe had lost control of his bike and crashed into a nearby hedge. When Deputy Quagmire arrived to the scene of the accident Joe tells him that Bill pulled out in front of him and caused him to lose control thereby causing the accident. Deputy Quagmire then asks Bill for his driver’s license and to also provide a statement. Bill is concerned that he will be implicated for Joe’s accident.

Should Bill provide Deputy Quagmire with a statement? Does Bill even have to?

Bill decides to not report the accident to his insurance company because he does not want them to cancel his policy. Is this a good idea?

We are here to help you with your legal questions.

Attorney Abogado Carlos Alvarez

Guzman Legal, P.A.

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