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Vodkamir Drunkoskie was a popular foreign student from Chernobyl Russia that everyone liked to party with because of his radiating personality. Even though Vodkamir Drunkoskie moved to Boston to attend MIT several years ago, he never wanted to get a Massachusetts driver’s license. One night, after studying for his atomic energy class, Vodkamir Drunkoskie met up with some of his comrades at a local pub. Several hours later, Vodkamir Drunkoskie drove his pickup truck on the opposite side of the road wherein he killed three motorcyclists. Vodkamir Drunkoskie was arrested and charged with three counts of negligent homicide. Records also showed that he had been stopped on suspicion of drunken driving the previous year but was only cited for knowingly driving without a valid driver’s license. To make matters even worse, the chemical containers that Vodkamir Drunkoskie was carrying from class bursted in the crash and began draining into the city’s water system.

Can the Boston State Attorney’s Office also charge Vodkamir Drunkoskie for Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) with knowledge?

What is the difference between a DWLS “With Knowledge” vs. “Without Knowledge”?

How about a No Valid Driver’s License (NVDL) charge?

Does Vodkamir Drunkoskie have a right to be represented by the Public Defender’s Office since he is a foreign student?

Should Vodkamir Drunkoskie hire an immigration attorney?

Can Vodkamir Drunkoskie or his university be sued if the chemicals contaminate the city’s water system?

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Attorney Edgar J. Guzman


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