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Landlord Ms. Eve Vicshun enters into a residential oral lease agreement with Tenant Mr. Will Knotpey.

Several months later, Ms. Vicshun calls Mr. Knotpey and tells him that he has not paid rent for the last two months. Mr. Knotpey agrees to get caught up with the rent but never does.

As a result, Ms. Vicshun calls a moving company and has Mr. Knotpey’s personal property moved to a storage unit and also changes the locks. The next day Officer Marshall Lawe came by to see Ms. Vicshun because Mr. Knotpey claimed that she had stolen two of his Rolex watches (not true).

What should Ms. Vicshun do? 1) Should Ms. Vicshun speak to the police officer without having an attorney present?; 2) What are Ms. Vicshun’s legal rights as a landlord if there is no written lease agreement?

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Attorney Edgar J. Guzman

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