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Bill Payton has lived at the Sun Lake Mobile Home Park close to one year where he has paid his rent on time each month to the front office. Bill Payton then received a letter from Sun Lake notifying him that all rental payments must now be mailed for now on to their corporate office located far away in the city of Casa Del Carillo. The following month Bill Payton went to his bank and purchased a money order wherein he then mailed it to Sun Lake’s corporate office. Several weeks later, Bill Payton receives an “Eviction Notice” from Sun Lake for failing to pay his rent. The next day, Bill Payton goes to his bank and is told that the money order had not been deposited by Sun Lake. Based on this information, Bill Payton believes that Sun Lake had sent the eviction notice by mistake so he decides to simply ignore it and do nothing about it. A few weeks later, Bill Payton receives a court order indicating that he had to vacate the property.

Can Bill Payton simply ignore the court order since he was told by his bank that Sun Lake had not deposited the money order that he mailed to the corporate office in Casa Del Carillo?

What damages can Bill Payton claim in a lawsuit against Sun Lake if he is forced to move?

What should Bill Payton reference in his lease agreement to try to convince Sun Lake that he should not be forced to move?

Can Bill Payton appeal the court order?

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