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Chase Golin was an ambitious lad that had many new business ideas upon graduating from college. Recently Chase Golin started a new nutritious mobile smoothie service for pets called Smooth Fur. Business boomed and in the first year alone Chase Golin had to purchase 20 new trucks. In order to keep up with the rapid growth, Chase Golin made a decision to franchise his business. Ben Gulibel loved Smooth Fur’s business model so he decided to start the franchise in his city. Pursuant to the franchise agreement that Ben Gulibel signed he was required to take out a personal loan of $100,000.00 from Dream Bank and also purchase a $50,000.00 truck from the Commerce Truck dealership. After the first year of business, Smooth Fur ran into some hard times after a study showed that the ingredients used in their smoothies caused pets to hallucinate throughout the day. As a result, Ben Gulibel stopped making payments to both Dream Bank and also to Commerce Truck.

Does Ben Gulibel have to continue making payments to Dream Bank and To Commerce Trucks according to the Smooth Fur franchise agreement that he signed?

Can Ben Gulibel get his money back from Smooth Fur?

Can Ben Gulibel go after Chase Golin personally?

What legal rights does Dream Bank and/or Commerce Truck have against Chase Golin or Smooth Fur?

Do you have a legal question? We are here to help you.

Edgar J. Guzman

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