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Florida Statute §316.122

Violation of Right of Way

A lot of car accidents take place when the driver of a car begins to make a left hand

turn at an intersection but violates the right of way of the other approaching car. In

this scenario the police officer will likely give the driver that made the left hand

turn a traffic citation for violating Florida Statute §316.122 (Violation of Right of


If you are the driver that received the traffic citation, what are some of the

questions you will need to answer?

  • Will your auto insurance company pay for your medical bills?

  • Who will pay for the damage to your car?

  • Can I get a rental car to go to work?

  • Will you have to pay the damage to the other car?

  • Who will pay for days that you cannot work?

  • Will the traffic citation add points to my driver’s license resulting in higher insurance rates?

  • How do I handle my traffic citation? Do I have to go to court?

  • Do I have to notify my employer about the traffic ticket?

This is just a sample list of some of the questions you will face if you are involved

in this type of motor vehicle accident.

We are here to help you.

Attorney Abogado

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