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Joe Fuego, the owner of Fuego Fireworks Emporium, hosts a monthly fireworks show on his property in order to promote his business.

During the show, Will Burns, a frequent customer, was initially standing in the crowd watching the show.

However, during the show, Mr. Burns wanted to see how the fireworks were being ignited so he decided to jump over the roped off area despite it saying “Employees Only Past This Point”.

Suddenly, a stray rocket went towards Mr. Burns and seriously injured him when it exploded next to him.

Will Mr. Fuego have to compensate Mr. Burns for his hospital bills and time he had to miss from work?

Will Mr. Fuego have to compensate Mr. Burns for his physical injuries?

What if Mr. Burns now claims that he starts to cry every time he hears fireworks—does Mr. Fuego have to pay him for his mental suffering as well?

How about Mr. Fuego—does he have any legal rights or defense to Mr. Fuego’s claims?

We are here to talk to you about your legal situation.

Attorney Edgar J. Guzman


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