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Your insurance policy (you are the “Insured”) probably contains an Examination Under Oath (EUO) provision that allows your insurance carrier (your insurance company is the “Insurer”) to take your sworn testimony when you open a claim with them.

An EUO is a lot like a deposition. At the beginning of the proceeding, the insurer’s attorney (or adjuster) will have you sworn in by a court reporter and will then ask you questions wherein all your answers will be recorded and made part of the record. You should know that you have the right to bring your own attorney to the EUO.

Do you have to attend the EUO? The EUO clause in your insurance policy is a contractual provision that you agreed to enter into with your insurer at the time you purchased the policy. If you do not comply with your insurer’s EUO request, they will then likely argue that they do not have to exte

nd you coverage since you breached the contractual provision in the insurance policy.

We encourage you to talk to an attorney if your insurer requests that you attend an EUO.

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