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Mr. Wilfredo Sosio received his Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) after completing professional driving school. The following week, Mr. Sosio began working at Repartimos Todo USA, Inc. driving the company’s large commercial trucks. One day after work, Mr. Sosio parked the company truck in the lot and then got into his own personal car in order to go home. As Mr. Sosio was about to get home, Officer Lazaro Beam, pulled Mr. Sosio over and gave him a Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) for going 70 mph in a 40 mph zone that required mandatory court appearance.

Traffic Ticket

What should Mr. Sosio do about his speeding ticket? How will this speeding ticket affect Mr. Sosio’s position at work? Should Mr. Sosio even tell his employer about this since it happened while driving his own car? How will this ticket affect Mr. Sosio’s auto insurance? The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles issues the different types of licenses in Florida—Class A, B, C, D, and E—does Mr. Sosio have a duty to call the department to report this ticket?

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