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Chris Robins was at a bachelor party with his friends Paul Bear and Frank Owl at Hundred Ale Pub. As the night was winding down the trio disbanded; Owl flew the coop with Bear in tow while Chris stayed to settle his dizzying thoughts. After an hour had passed Chris felt he was okay to drive, he jumped in his car and started to drive away from the magical Hundred Ale Pub. On his way home Chris was dizzier than he thought and ran off the road and crashed into the town’s oldest tree. Officer Rob Hare was the first to arrive at scene of the accident when he noticed Chris wobbling out of his car. When officer Hare approached Chris to ask what happened he noticed the scent of fermented honey. Ever the astute officer he asked Chris how the mead was at the Hundred Ale Pub tonight to which Chris answered: “Oh, don’t bother me. I “bearly” remember anything, it’s all a blur.”

Officer Hare handcuffed Chris and arrested him for DUI.

What are Chris’s rights?

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Carlos M. Alvarez

Guzman Legal, P.A.

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