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Mrs. Dee Lenquent has been in the corporate finance industry for over ten years and recently opened up her own consulting firm. Since Mrs. Delenquent has never had to worry about administrative matters before, she forgot to trigger a 90 Day Clause contained in the commercial office lease agreement that would have entitled her to preserve the current rental rate of $5,000.00 per month for the next 9 months. Unfortunately, on day 91, Mrs. Lenquent’s effort to persuade the landlord to forgive the one day oversight did not work wherein now the new rental rate jumped up to $7,000.00.

What are Mrs. Lenquent’s legal rights regarding the commercial lease agreement?

What can the commercial property management do if Mrs. Lenquent refuses to comply with the 90 Day Clause?

Will Mrs. Lenquent be legally liable to the property management for the economic damages they incur if she decides to break her lease early?

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