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Ena Sukasa was peacefully at home sitting in her family room enjoying the last episode of Game of Thrones. At around that same time, Billy Wylde, a 16 year old minor, was driving his big Hummer around the neighborhood at a very high speed wherein he ultimately lost control and crashed right into Ena Sukasa’s house. The force of the impact was so strong that it thrusted Ena Sukasa to the floor causing her to suffer significant bodily injuries. When the police arrived, they noticed that Ena Sukasa’s car had also received serious property damage and that her dog Fetch’s hind legs had been fractured.

Can Ena Sukasa bring a personal injury case against Billy Wylde?

What can Ena Sukasa claim as her damages in a personal injury case?

Should Ena Sukasa call her auto insurance or her home owners insurance?

Can Ena Sukasa receive compensation from her home owners insurance company for the damage to her home? How about the damages to her car?

What legal rights does Fetch have?

Can Ena Sukasa receive compensation from Billy Wilde for the injuries he caused Fetch?

Can Billy Wylde raise any legal defenses?

Do you have a legal question? We are here to help you.

Attorney Edgar J. Guzman

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