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Just now getting out of court.

A few observations that I want to share with you that I saw in court today:

1. Parking: today parking was busier than normal.  Maybe because of elections. I hear several people called that were not present. When you have to appear in court always get there early. See the picture of the line of cars trying to park. 2. Pedestrians: people were not using the pedestrian cross walk and instead were trying to go through the cars. One lady pushing a stroller came very close to being hit. Always use the designated cross walk. 3. Uninsured Motorist (UM) Insurance Coverage: if you are injured in a car accident that is not your fault UM will provide you insurance coverage in the event that the at fault driver did not purchase Bodily Injury (BI) insurance. Today, I heard an injured individual almost cry about their injuries and medical costs that will not be covered because the at fault driver did not have BI and they did not buy UM for themselves. Unfortunate situation for this injured person. Check your insurance policy today and see if you purchased UM. If no, look into it for your own good.

These are a few things that I observed today in court and that I wanted to share with you.

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