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Jane Smith was pulled over for running a red light that resulted in a car accident. Police officer Ted requested that Ms. Smith produce her license, registration, and proof of insurance wherein she only had her registration. Officer Ted cited Ms. Smith for the following violations: 1) running a red light, 2) failure to show a valid drivers license (NVDL), and 3) failure to produce proof of insurance.

What can Ms. Smith do regarding each of the traffic citations that she received?

Should Ms. Smith contact her own insurance company to notify them about the car accident? If she does, should she provide them with a recorded statement?

Should Ms. Smith contact the accident victim’s insurance company to provide them with a recorded statement?

Ms. Smith was injured in the car accident. Who will pay for the medical attention that she receives?

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Attorney Abogado Edgar J. Guzman

Guzman Legal, P.A.

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