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Bill had major back surgery that will require him to miss one month of work. Two weeks after his surgery, Bill then gets involved in minor fender bender car accident in the parking lot of the grocery store when both his car and the other person’s car bumped into each other as they were both backing out of their parking space at the same time. Bill hired an attorney to dispute the $200.00 property damage to his car, lost wages, and back pain. Bill then contacted Crash Lenders Legal Funding Co. wherein they extended him a $10,000.00 loan at a very high interest rate. The other driver’s attorney aggressively defended that Bill’s back surgery, and not the fender bender, were the sole cause of his alleged damages. After one year in litigation the case was not resolved at a mediation and was now heading to trial the following month.

If Bill does not prevail at trial how will he pay back his medical liens? How about Crash Lenders?

What if Defense counsel extends a pre-trial settlement offer to Bill but it is not enough to cover all of his liens. Should Bill still go to trial if the facts in his case are not favorable?

We are here to help you.

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