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Michael purchased a mobile camper that needed a few repairs. Michael took his camper to Worthy RV Repairs and paid 50% of the repair costs up front. One month later, Michael received a call from Worthy asking for another advance payment to cover material costs. Two more weeks went by when Michael noticed that Worthy had not called back. When Michael personally went to Worthy to see what was going on he noticed the “CLOSED OUT OF BUSINESS” sign hanging on the front door. Michael never signed a contract with Worthy.

Can Michael go after Worthy even though they never entered into a written agreement?

Does Florida law recognize and enforce oral agreements?

Can Michael recover the loss of his camper under Worthy’s garage insurance policy?

What else can Michael do about this matter?

Do you have a legal question? We are here to help you.

Attorney Abogado

Guzman Legal, P.A.

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