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Giving your teen a smartphone has its benefits but it can also get them in legal trouble.

This is why parents should always educate their teen before handing them a smartphone.

Take for example this fact pattern:

Riley Newlie was at home Friday night doing homework when he saw his girlfriend Lily Traydor on Snapchat talking to Kyle Tooker at their 9th grade high school dance. Riley Newlie was so mad that he sent Kyle Tooker a text message saying that he was going to “beat him to death” when he saw him. Riley Newlie then sent Lily Traydor a text telling her that he was going to punch her for doing what she did. Upon reading this text, Mr. and Mrs. Tooker were so concerned for their son that they immediately went to the police station and handed them Kyle’s smartphone. Mr. and Mrs. Traydor also contacted the police. The next day, Riley Newlie was arrested and charged for threatening to kill and/or cause another person serious bodily harm.

What can Riley Newlie do regarding the charges the State Attorney filed against him?

Does Riley Newlie have a valid claim against Lily Traydor for the emotional trauma she caused him by talking to Kyle Tooker?

Can Riley Newlie bring a civil case against Lily Traydor or Kyle Tooker if he gets expelled from high school?

Do you have a legal question? We are here to help you.

Attorney Edgar J. Guzman

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