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Florida Drivers Move Over

Whenever we are on the road driving we know to be mindful of those around us and drive responsibly. In Florida whenever we see and emergency vehicle (police officer, ambulance or fire truck), utility truck or sanitation truck on the side of the road with lights on we have to switch lanes leaving the lane immediately next to them clear of cars. I know at times this isn’t possible so in that case we have to slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

Remember: Whenever driving on a highway or interstate and an emergency vehicle or utility vehicle is stopped on the shoulder with lights on and working – move over. If you’re driving on a two lane highway, or traffic doesn’t allow you to safely switch lanes then remember to drop your driving speed to 20 mph below the posted sign when passing the emergency vehicles working on the side of the road; if the posted speed limit is 20 mph or below then drop your driving speed to 5 mph.

If you have received a traffic ticket related to this please know that we are here to help you.

Florida Drivers Move Over

Attorney Carlos M. Alvarez

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